Recovery Toolbox for Excel is the ultimate Microsoft Excel recovery tool for users with and without experience in data management

Recovery ToolBox for Excel (download) is a compact, fast and extremely efficient solution designed and developed for users willing to learn how to recover Excel files corrupted by virus attacks, hardware failures, power shortages and many other incidents that often lead to data corruption. This program can repair Excel files better and faster than any other software on the market!

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Below is a list of the key features of Recovery Toolbox for Excel:

  • Recovers table styles
  • Recovers number formats (except colors that are used in a number format)
  • Recovers fonts
  • Recovers worksheets
  • Recovers column width and row height values
  • Recovers workbook cell data
  • Recovers all types of formulas, including functions, internal, external and name references
  • Recovers cell formatting values (font, number format, line style, fill pattern, text orientation and alignment)
  • Recovers cell colors
  • Recovers cell border colors
  • Repairs XLSX files of Office 2007, 2010, 2013
  • Saving directly to Excel or a new .XLSX file (in this case, a copy of Microsoft Excel installed on the user’s computer is not required).

Use this Microsoft Excel 2007 recovery tool to fix corrupt files of all versions and restore your valuable private and business information in seconds and without having to outsource his task to external service providers.

Please note that in spite of being one of the most sophisticated Microsoft Excel recovery tools on today’s market, Recovery Toolbox for Excel cannot do the following:

  • Repair print settings
  • Repair conditional formatting
  • Repair data validity
  • Repair range, worksheet and workbook protection
  • Repair Asian phonetic blocks
  • Repair hyperlinks
  • Repair calculation settings
  • Repair sorting settings
  • Repair any objects, such as pictures, diagrams, notes and other
  • Repair merged cells
  • Repair comments
  • Recover VBA macros
  • Recover data from password-protected files

Fast and convenient XLSX repair of Microsoft Excel spreadsheets – so easy that even novices have no problems handling this task!

Recovery Toolbox uses a powerful proprietary engine to identify recoverable elements in corrupted Excel spreadsheets and extract them to a new undamaged XLSX files. According to benchmarks, the product outperforms most other Microsoft Excel recovery tools and demonstrates better efficiency even in situations with very serious data corruption.

One of the key characteristic of the program is that it does not modify the source file during data recovery, thus allowing users to try several recovery method at the same time and increase the chances of full file recovery.

Find out how to recover Excel file corrupted in all kind of accidents, including file system crashes and virus attacks

The interface of the program was intentionally simplified to allow anyone to use it – from professionals dealing with the consequences of data corruption incidents on a daily basis to complete novices trying to restore the contents of an important personal Excel file.

This simplicity was became possible thanks to the use of a convenient step-by-step wizard that guides the user through every stage of the process and requires but a few confirmation clicks. The UI has a minimal number of control elements that can potentially confuse somebody who has never worked with such software.

Lightning-fast and hassle-free recovery of Excel 2007 file damaged by incident or as the result of serious system malfunctions

Recovery Toolbox for Excel supports all types of Excel files, including *.xls, *.xlt, *.xlsx, *.xlsm, *.xltm, *.xltx and*.xlam. This Microsoft Excel recovery tool features a convenient preview module that allows users to view the contents of damaged files before recovering them. This possibility comes in especially handy for quickly assessing the scope of damage and getting a better idea of what can be done to restore Excel spreadsheets and their data.

Try this Microsoft Excel 2007 recovery tool to fix corrupt files on your own and without spending a fortune on specialized data recovery services!

If you are asking yourself a question “How can I recover an Excel sheet?” or “How to recover Excel file corrupted after a hard drive failure?, it’s high time you gave Recovery Toolbox for Excel a try. This compact, fast and reliable solution is the top choice for any situation that requires immediate actions to be taken after a serious data corruption accident.

Take advantage of the rich functionality of one of the best Microsoft Excel recovery tools

Go for this repair Excel files Microsoft download and see how quickly and easily it can save your day after the most serious data corruption accidents.

Please note the following:

  1. Recovery Toolbox for Excel is a shareware product. It means that before purchasing the program, a user can download it, test its features and try to recover information from damaged files. The trial version has certain functional limitations. You can use it to view the recovered data, but cannot export it to Microsoft Excel. This approach allows users to assess the efficiency of Recovery Toolbox for Excel and only if the program proves to be useful, purchase a license and take full advantage of its features.
  2. Our Excel recovery tools are not intended for recovering passwords for worksheets and workbooks.
  3. If the data are protected with a password or are encrypted, the program will not be able to recover them.

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